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Trystan Hart: North America’s Next Big Hard Enduro Talent

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Claiming a remarkable 14th overall at the Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble, Trystan Hart was also the best newcomer at last week’s round three of the World Enduro Super Series. Mixing in confidently among the world’s best Enduro riders, 22-year-old Canadian Hart rode with precision and strength in a manner that suggests he’ll become a rider to watch in the years ahead.

Receiving a last-minute phone call to say he could compete, Hart’s preparations for the world’s toughest single-day Enduro was anything but complete. But as a rider who feels he’s always ready to go, he was keen to take up the challenge and set himself a goal of a top-10 finish.

Putting in a strong ride, the Canadian was on target too until a damaged front brake hose slowed him in Carls Dinner. But with fellow North American (and reluctant spectator) Cody Webb sacrificing his own brake system to keep Hart in the race, he was soon on his way again.



Pushing bravely on towards the finish, he rode his way into the record books of the 25th edition of the Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble as a first-time finisher in 14 and as the event’s best newcomer. Here’s Hart’s thought on a truly memorable 2019 Erzbergrodeo…

It’s Been A Life Goal To Take On The Iron Giant…

“I’ve wanted to race Erzbergrodeo for a long time, and, yeah, it’s been a really great experience to say the least. During the first half of the race I was riding all pumped up and had to let Taddy Blazusiak and Travis Teasdale go by. In Carls Dinner I loosened up and began to feel a lot better. Unfortunately, I punctured a hole in my front brake hose and had to swap it with Cody Webb, who was at the side of the track watching. I lost some time with that, but to get it home for 14th in my first attempt is pretty cool.”

Green Hell Was A Real Erzbergrodeo Experience!

“Green Hell was gnarly. Luckily, I got up the first half of the climb and into the ‘exit’ section of it but couldn’t go any further because it was so steep and greasy. With another guy we teamed up and got each other’s bike through. We had no ropes, so that meant a lot of pulling and dragging. It was exhausting, but I guess that’s the Erzbergrodeo experience and I got what I came for.”



Racing Erzbergrodeo Was A Very Last-Minute Thing…

“I’ve been watching the Erzbergrodeo for almost 10 years – it’s the biggest race in the world for Off Road. I think it’s everyone’s dream to do it. Although I’ve wanted to come here for a very long time, racing here this year was a very last-minute decision. Seven days out I got a call from KTM saying a bike was available to race, so I didn’t do any specific training. But I always keep in shape and I’m always training for Hard Enduro or Endurocross, so I was able to adapt quickly. That definitely helped.”

I Get My Kicks In Off Road…

“I’ve got a mixture of all skills, but I feel happiest in Off Road. I initially grew up riding Motocross until I broke my leg and decided to step away from that. My father was always big into Enduro riding, so I rode the trails with him for a long time. When I turned 16 I wanted to get back into racing and decided to give Endurocross a go. During the last couple of years I’ve had some good finishes, including multiple podium results. Alongside of that, Hard Enduro has gained momentum in the USA and more races are springing up so I’m enjoying that more, too.”



Cody Webb has done a lot for Hard Enduro in the USA…

“American Hard Enduro has a lot to thank Cody Webb for. His results on the world stage have really helped to get the ball rolling for the sport. He’s at the forefront of our sport in the USA and his podium results here show that’s it’s possible for North American riders coming through to be successful too. He’s been my idol growing up and I’ve so much respect for him and what he has achieved. When I broke my front brake hose in Carls Dinner, he didn’t hesitate to help me. That’s the measure of the kind of guy he is.”

With Experience A Top 10 Or More Is Possible…

“I feel like a top-10 result is the immediate goal for sure. This year I was so close but I know with experience I can come back stronger. To improve I need to arrive a few days earlier. Not just to spend some more time walking the sections and learning the course, but to adjust to the time zone. Coming from Canada it took five days to get used to the time change. I was waking up at 3am because I wasn’t able to sleep. Also riding with the top guys early on would help. In the early forest sections it felt like there was 20 different lines, but I didn’t know which one was the best. At Carls Dinner it’s more open and easier to pick a line and that’s where I made some good time. Improving in the early sections will get me closer to my goal.”

The World Enduro Super Series continues in Spain with the Hixpania Hard Enduro on June 21-23.



Photo credit: Future7Media

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