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Eva Täuber Takes Women’s Hard Enduro Performance Award Supported By GasGas At 24MX Hixpania 2023

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Round five of the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship –Spain’s 24MX Hixpania Hard Enduro – saw Eva Täuber take home the Women’s Hard Enduro Performance Award supported by GASGAS.

One of the most significant moments in Eva's career came at this year’s 24MX Hixpania. The event that is known for its intensity and challenging tracks, Eva took to the start for the very first time and, thanks to her stellar performance around the Campoo Extreme Loop, earned her spot at the SuperEncierro Prologue, in the heart of Aquiliar de Campoo.

Never expecting this opportunity, Eva knew that the Prologue, with its artificial obstacles and a large crowd of spectators, would be a significant challenge. Nevertheless, she embraced the challenge, tackled the demanding track, and successfully completed it. With a favourable starting position for the main race, she ultimately completed the 24MX Hixpania event with an impressive 12th place in her class. For this performance she was honoured with the Women's Hard Enduro Performance Award Supported by GASGAS, presented by none other than her idol, Sandra Gomez.

“Sandra Gomez is my biggest idol, and receiving the trophy from her was an incredible experience,” admitted Eva. “My Hixpania experience has been incredible, I’ve loved every minute of it. The challenge of a race like this is huge, but for me to finish the event, and have such a great time riding, it’s been great.”

Sandra Gomez, a prominent figure in the Hard Enduro world, has served as an inspiration to Eva throughout her riding journey. Receiving the award from Sandra was not just an acknowledgment of her hard work and extra motivation for the future, but a realization of her dream to be seen and recognized in the world of Enduro.

Eva's journey into the world of Hard Enduro began with a mere curiosity, a desire to explore the boundaries of her abilities on a motorcycle. As she delved deeper into the sport, she discovered a genuine passion that kept her coming back for more. With her skills and love for the sport growing, eventually it propelled her towards competition. The turning point arrived when she clinched the German Enduro Cup, igniting a fire within her to seek even greater challenges.

Eva's journey is not just a personal pursuit – it is a testament to the limitless potential of women in Hard Enduro and motorsports. She sees Hard Enduro as an opportunity to prove that women can excel just as much as men in the demanding world of motorsports.

One of the most demanding races in Eva's journey so far was the 2022 Enduro Panorama in Romania:

“My skill level was lower back then, it was my first multi-day international race, and it rained heavily on the first day. In the forest, you couldn't even stand; everything was like slippery soap. Physically and mentally pushing through those conditions was really tough for me. The circumstances made it so challenging for me.”

Growing from the challenge, Eva participated in the 2023 German Hard Enduro Series. She leads the women's class, showcasing her dominance and skill in this fiercely competitive arena. The HESG (German Hard Enduro Championship) presents a diverse range of races, from technical challenges to high-speed tracks, and Eva has been a consistent winner in most events.

In a male-dominated sport like Hard Enduro, Eva's achievements are a powerful statement. She proves that women can not only participate but also excel on the toughest of terrains. Her goal is not just to win races but to break stereotypes and pave the way for more women to join the sport.

As for her future goals, Eva is determined to keep pushing the boundaries of her capabilities. She aspires to compete in all the races of the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship by 2025. Her ultimate aim is to participate in as many international races as possible, with the dream of one day being as skilled as her idol, Sandra Gomez. She also hopes to train alongside Sandra, solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of Hard Enduro. 

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