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Gakheladze Giorgi


Rider Story

Biggest Achievements
  • Extreme Charge Ukraine 2021 1st place winner

  • 2017-till today undefeatable winner in Georgian Enduro Championships

  • Hixpania Hard Enduro 2021 2nd place in Archers class

  • Sea to Sky Turkey - gold prize winner 10th place

  • 2019-2020 Red Bull Romaniacs Gold Class Finisher.

Personal Description

Enduro sports has only recently gained popularity in Georgia, but it has been a lifelong passion for me.
I dreamed of becoming a part of the enduro world as a child, and now I am living that dream as a professional enduro rider. To me, enduro represents freedom and a connection to nature that no other mode of transportation can replicate for me.
My enduro career started in 2015, and I quickly decided to pursue this sport professionally. However, growing as an enduro rider in Georgia has been challenging. It has been difficult to improve my skills due to a lack of moto schools and proper training environments. Furthermore, as Georgia's first professional enduro rider, I had no local professionals to guide me on my journey.
Despite these obstacles, I have persevered and have won Georgian championships in a row since 2017. This has inspired me to compete in the world championships and represent my small country on the global scale. While I may be at a disadvantage compared to other riders who have access to more enduro style natural training environments, I am more determined than ever to achieve my best results and bring success to my country.

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