Katie Leah-Hall Clinches Women’s Hard Enduro Performance Award Supported By GASGAS At Red Bull Outliers 2023

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Round four of the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship at Canada’s Red Bull Outliers saw Katie Hall-Leah take home the Women’s Hard Enduro Performance Award supported by GASGAS.

Digging deep in the iconic hills of the Canadian Badlands, Katie pushed hard through the searing heat and slippery terrain to end the race as the best-placed female rider on her Sherco.

For Katie the award represents a remarkable three-year dirt bike journey that began in her hometown and evolved onto the Hard Enduro world stage at Red Bull Outliers.

In 2020, she acquired her first trail bike – a TE150 – and quickly mastered the basic off-road riding skills. Prior to that she had a 150SX track bike. By 2021, Katie decided to take her passion for dirt biking to the next level and set her sights on racing.

Despite limited years of experience she learned fast and propelled herself forward. However, her journey has not been without setbacks. At the 2022 Red Bull Outliers, Katie suffered a torn ACL during the prologue. Despite the severity of the injury, she chose a path of recovery without surgery, relying on building her muscles to support her knee. Her dedication to rehabilitation paid off and after six months of intense training, Katie was ready to try again.


Returning to the Red Bull Outliers for 2023, she faced her toughest challenge yet. The event's unique and challenging terrain, with limited traction, pushed her skills to the maximum.

But she wasn’t about to let her hard work go unrewarded and with a lot of determination she battled her way through the race. In recognition of her performance and resilience, Katie Leah-Hall was awarded the Women's Performance Award at Red Bull Outliers 2023. This accolade holds deep significance for her, symbolising her journey from injury to triumph.

Looking ahead, Katie has set her sights on participating in the Hard Enduro series in America and possibly exploring the European racing scene. Events like Red Bull Romaniacs are on her bucket list.

The FIM Hard Enduro World Championship continues with round five at Spain’s 24MX Hixpania Hard Enduro on October 13-15, where more top female talent will compete for the Women’s Hard Enduro Performance Award supported by GASGAS.


Special thanks to Thomas Doyle / Red Bull Canada for the outstanding images!

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