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Red Bull Romaniacs – the fourth round of the 2018 World Enduro Super Series – is a mecca for Enduro riders the world over. Home to some incredible terrain, the Carpathian Mountains feature untouched tracks reserved only for the race. However, to reach paradise first competitors have to endure a little pain.

Tuesday’s city prologue is an integral part of the 15-year history of the race – a manmade Enduro obstacle course in downtown Sibiu. From see-saw sections to wooden helter-skelters and boulder gardens, it’s packed with 12 spectacular sections for competitors to overcome. Naturally, the Gold class riders make it look all too easy, but for everyone else it can be a daunting time. With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy ROMANIACS anagram to help competitors through the day…

Risk: Don’t destroy yourself or your bike. That’s an obvious thing to say but the race is five days long so don’t end it before it even begins. Take your time and don’t risk too much.

Observe: Unless you are the first rider out on track then there’s time to watch (and learn) from other competitors.

Manage: Try not to panic by thinking about the whole course. Take each obstacle one at a time — working in small steps will help you reach the finish line.

Ask: Have a friend point you lines during your qualification run, it will help to keep you focused on the right track. If you’ve come alone ask another rider to point lines and then return the favour.

Nothing’s impossible: Yes, the prologue is tough, and a little bit crazy, but it’s designed to be possible for all classes. Remember, you can do this!

Inspect: It’s always a good idea to walk the track more than once. Very often the course will be adjusted slightly and better lines will appear.

Asphalt: It’s slippery when wet, especially with Enduro tyres. Go easy on the throttle if it rains!

Composure: Take your time — finishing is the ultimate goal. The more you crash, the more you risk breaking rule #1. Less haste equals more speed.

Slim: Lighten your load. The prologue is short, so you don’t need to carry everything that you will bring during the off-road days. Carrying less weight means less wasted energy.


Round four of the World Enduro Super Series takes place at Red Bull Romaniacs in Sibiu, Romania on July 24-28.

Watch the Red Bull Romaniacs prologue LIVE on YouTube here. Or via

Red Bull Romaniacs Entry List

Competitors 2018 

Red Bull Romaniacs Fast Facts 

189. Bronze class finishers for 2017
86. United Kingdom is the largest nation represented for 2018
32. Graham Jarvis’ 2017 winning time in hours
27. Gold class competitors entered for the 15th edition
20. Track managers preparing the four off road days
12. Wacky obstacles planned for city prologue in Sibiu
6. Wins held by Graham Jarvis, the event’s most successful rider
2. Overnight bivouacs for 2018

Red Bull Romaniacs 2017 Podium 

1. Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna) 2. Mario Roman (Sherco) 3. Paul Bolton (KTM)

Red Bull Romaniacs Past Winners 

2017: Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna)
2016: Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna)
2015: Jonny Walker (KTM)
2014: Jonny Walker (KTM)
2013: Graham Jarvis (Husaberg)
2012: Graham Jarvis (Husaberg)
2011: Graham Jarvis (Husaberg)
2010: Chris Birch (KTM)
2009: Andreas Lettenbichler (BMW)
2008: Graham Jarvis (Sherco)
2007: Cyril Despres (KTM)
2006: Michel Gau (KTM)
2005: Cyril Despres (KTM)
2004: Cyril Despres (KTM)

Red Bull Romaniacs Event Information 

Facebook: Red Bull Romaniacs
Instagram: @redbullromaniacs
Twitter: @RedBullRomaniac

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