Got questions? We’re sure you will have. Here we’ve tried to think of some of the things you might want us to explain in a little more detail…

What is the WESS Enduro World Championship?

It’s an eight-round series combining various competitive enduro formats. WESS partnered with individually unique and distinctive events to bring together a series that truly celebrates enduro. Doing this ensures a complete test of endurance, technique, speed and finesse to the rider. Finally, WESS is about the coming together of professional and amateur riders, competing shoulder-to-shoulder. It’s about finding the WESS ENDURO WORLD CHAMPION.


Why has the series been established?

WESS was established to merge all existing enduro formats combined into one championship: Hard Enduro, Classic Enduro and Cross-Country. The end goal is to simply connect today’s diverse enduro landscape while championing many of the sport’s long established values. By pitting both man and machine against these elements, the WESS Enduro World Championship exposes the true potential of Enduro.


Who’s running WESS?

WESS Promotion GmbH is the company behind WESS. It’s an extended team of passionate enduro fans and businessmen who believe actions speak louder than words. Many remember the golden years of enduro, when amateur and professional riders would compete together. WESS is its events – the eight hand-picked competitions that make up the 2020 series. The events themselves are run independently by each organiser. The WESS team will manage the championship.


Can anyone compete in WESS?

Absolutely! Everyone is eligible to compete. WESS is a series in which amateurs and professionals compete side-by-side, the way enduro should be.


Do I need to sign up for the full series?

No. You can compete in as many rounds as you like. Entries for all events are handled by the local organiser.


How does the points system work?

A uniform points system has been created that benefits everyone. WESS wants to see as many people as possible rewarded for their efforts on track. Points are awarded from first to 250th overall.