Deadline for entries is April 23, so get your registration forms filled in now in order to be counted in the full championship.



The FIM Hard Enduro World Championship welcomes pros and amateur riders alike – our events cater to competitors of every level. If any non-championship riders would like to register for any of the eight races set for the 2021 season, please head over to our EVENTS page. There you will find details on each specific event on the calendar and details of how to register to compete.


For those wishing to be counted in the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship official standings, the form below will add you to our rider database.

  • All riders must also sign up to each individual event – details on our EVENTS page.
  • You must have an FIM International Enduro license to register. Riders must request these from their national federations. A list of 2021 FIM affiliated federations can be found here.
  • All championship riders need to read, understand and follow the FIM Hard Enduro Regulations and Hard Enduro Technical Rules. All individual event regulations must also be followed.
  • You are permitted to register for the championship at any stage of the season. However, any points earned before that date will not be allocated to your championship total, and we cannot guarantee your start position for any subsequent rounds.
  • You must register at leats two weeks ahead of the event in order to be eligible to earn championship points. This is due to organisational reasons – organisers need to plan starting places.

Registration form can also be found here.

If you have any issues, please contact for further assistance.