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Renowned as the world’s toughest Hard Enduro Rallye, the Romaniacs brings together some breathtaking riding in the wild, mountainous wilderness of Romania. Day one opens with a wacky wooden-obstacle prologue in downtown Sibiu. Four days rally then await the competitors from over 35 different nations where the wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains offer some of the purist and most breathtaking enduro terrain for all levels of ability.


The first day of the event is typically a prologue race, which determines the starting positions for the main race over the following four days. The prologue is typically a short, intense enduro cross held in the city center of Sibiu, Romania. The main race for Romaniacs is typically a multi-day race, with riders covering long distances and tackling a variety of terrain and obstacles. The course for each day is typically between 100-150 km in length, and includes checkpoints along the way.

The tracks for Romaniacs are designed to test riders' technical skills and endurance, with steep climbs, rocky terrain, river crossings, and other challenging obstacles. One of the unique features of Romaniacs is the use of GPS technology to guide riders through the course. Riders are given a GPS device that provides turn-by-turn navigation, allowing them to navigate the daily track.

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Red Bull Romaniacs


23 July 2024
27 July 2024
Enduro Cross Qualification
4 Days Hard Enduro Enduro Rallye

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We are an exciting offroad motorcycle championship for EVERYONE. Our races are designed for all different skill levels. With professional and amateur competitors racing side-by-side, we welcome all enduro riders.


Gearing up for an exciting season of racing, the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship is set to enjoy unique, distinctive, and vastly challenging races. All events are open to amateur and professionals alike. Participants compete in different categories based on their skill level and experience.