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Red Bull Outliers is a mass-start multi-discipline Hard Enduro competition. The competition will span over two days to truly showcase Canada’s largest Hard Enduro race in Calgary’s downtown core and the iconic Canadian Badlands. Each day will offer its own unique challenges with a custom closed obstacle track on the streets of Calgary and the technical terrain in the historical Badlands.

Taddy Blazusiak

Track Details


Red Bull Outliers is known for its challenging course and unique format, combining elements of desert racing and Hard Enduro to create a truly unique event. The event typically features a prologue race on a custom closed obstacle track in Calgary city on the first day, which determines the starting positions for the main race on the second day.

Taddy Blazusiak

The track for Red Bull Outliers main event on the second day is typically around 10 miles long, and includes a range of technical challenges such as steep hills, rock gardens, and water crossings. The main race is typically a multi-lap event, with riders completing several laps of the course. The course also features high-speed sections through open desert terrain, adding a unique element to the race.

Red Bull Outliers


26 August 2023
27 August 2023
Enduro Cross Qualification
Max 4 Hour Multi Lap Hard Enduro Race

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We are an exciting offroad motorcycle championship for EVERYONE. Our races are designed for all different skill levels. With professional and amateur competitors racing side-by-side, we welcome all enduro riders.


Gearing up for an exciting season of racing, the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship is set to enjoy unique, distinctive, and vastly challenging races. All events are open to amateur and professionals alike. Participants compete in different categories based on their skill level and experience.