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Arguably the most famous offroad motorcycle race in the world, Red Bull Erzbergrodeo attracts up to 1,800 competitors annually to the historic mining town of Eisenerz in Austria. Only the 500 fastest qualifiers for Sunday’s main event Known as the world’s toughest single day enduro, 35 kilometres of treacherous terrain of boulder gardens and forestry climbs await the riders with only the bravest few reaching the finish line.


Single Rider downhill Erzberg

The race consists out of two parts. The event features a prologue race, which determines the starting order for the main event on Sunday. The IRON ROAD PROLOGUE takes riers way up the gravel road - full speed - 13,5 km long. The best 500 riders - fastest run only - qualify for the main event.

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The Iron Giant track is known for its steep and rugged terrain, with steep uphill and downhill sections, rocky terrain, and challenging obstacles. It is considered one of the toughest and most prestigious Hard Enduro tracks in the world, and only a small percentage of riders are able to complete the full course within the allotted time.

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30 May 2024
02 June 2024
Speed Qualification
4 Hour Hard Enduro Race

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We are an exciting offroad motorcycle championship for EVERYONE. Our races are designed for all different skill levels. With professional and amateur competitors racing side-by-side, we welcome all enduro riders.


Gearing up for an exciting season of racing, the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship is set to enjoy unique, distinctive, and vastly challenging races. All events are open to amateur and professionals alike. Participants compete in different categories based on their skill level and experience.