ML Hixpania 2023
Round 7 / Final Round

24MX Hixpania Hard Enduro

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Hixpania Hard Enduro is an annual Hard Enduro event that takes place in Aguilar de Campoo, a town in the province of Palencia, Spain. The event was first held in 2017 and has quickly become one of the best Hard Enduro races in Europe. The event typically takes place over three days, with prologue, cross-country, and the main hard enduro race. The qualification determines the starting positions for the main race, which is a multi-lap hard enduro event held on the final day.

The event features 4 classes: Caballeros (Pro), Arqueros (Expert), Escuderos( Hobby), Hixpanos (Amateur)

RACE DAY 1 - „SuperEncierro“

The event features a prologue race on the first day, which determines the starting positions for the main race. The course for the prologue is typically enduro cross style in the city heart of Aguilar de Campoo.

Time Schedule:

16:00 Opening and rider presentation

16:20 Free Practice Escuderos 4 min

16:30 Free Practice Arqueros 4 min

16:40 Free Practice 1 Caballeros 4 min

16:50 Free Practice 2 Caballeros 4 min

17:00 Free Practice 3 Caballeros 4 min

Track Maintenance 10min

17:20 Round 1 Heat 1 Caballeros 4 min + 1 lap

17:35 Round 1 Heat 2 Caballeros  4 min + 1 lap

17:50 Round 1 Heat 3 Caballeros 4 min + 1 lap

18:05 RACE Escuderos 5 min + 1 lap

18:20 Round 2 Heat 1 Caballeros 4 min + 1 lap

18:35 Round 2 Heat 2 Caballeros  4 min + 1 lap

18:50 RACE Arqueros 5 min + 1 lap

Track Maintenance 5 min

19:10 FINAL Caballeros 5 min + 1 lap

19:20 Prize giving ceremony

RACE DAY 2 - "Campoo Xtreme Race"

The second day includes a cross-country race. Riders compete on a 40km course multiple times that covers a variety of terrain and challenges.
Based on the performance of DAY 1 & DAY 2 determine the starting position for DAY 3, the main event.

9 am START

3 laps for Arqueros, Escuderos, Hixpanos
2 Laps for Caballeros

15 pm Campoo Xtreme Podium

RACE DAY 3 - MAIN EVENT - "Acerbis El Camino Perdido"

The final day is a Multi Lap Hard Enduro race with a lap length of approx. 4,5 km on the peninsula Caracol. It is known for its technical challenges, with steep climbs, rocky sections, and narrow forest trails.

10:00 Line up in starting grid

11:00 Start of the Acerbis El Camino Perdido

14:30 Podium & Official Prize Giving

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25 October 2024
27 October 2024
Enduro Cross & Cross Country Qualification
3 Hour Multi Lap Hard Enduro
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